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10 nov 2010
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National Dementia Day 2012

Here follows a summary of the contents. All presentations in the seminar will be in Swedish.

The seminar 2012 starts with an overview of the pathogenic mechanisms behind Alzheimer's disease. In summer 2011 it was shown for the first time that AD can be transmitted from a neuron with AD pathology to a previously healthy neuron. The discovery will influence the future research on treatment possibilities.

Cultural sciences focus on how our cultural perspectives and our attitudes influence our views on persons with dementia disorders. Assistant professor Cecilia Åsberg, Linköping University, describes how our perspectives and views are created.

Basic cognitive testing is under continuous development. The national guideline for dementia (Swedish National Board for Welfare) still recommends the use of mini-mental test and clock-drawing test as the most basic tests. Additional cognitive tests are under evaluation and we will get information from two ongoing projects in Sweden concerning cognitive testing.  

Evaluation of function and activity are also highly prioritized in the national guidelines. Although there is no nationally accepted method, a new scientifically based model is under development in the south of Sweden and will be presented during the seminar.

Conference material

All participants will receive a binder with summaries of the talks including the high lights of the pictures presented.




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