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Academy Forum expands
Academy Forum is expanding with new seminars. If you are interested in arranging seminars, please contact Academy Forum.
10 nov 2010
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Akademi Forum is an arena for universities to bring out new research data to professionals and public 


Academy Forum is a tranlational company between the university, professional companies and public. It is organized by academic professional at different universities.


Academy Forum provides the latest knowledge in medicine and life sciences.


Academy Forum is a network of university professionals that has a close relatoion to the latest research news.


Academy Forum arranges seminars and conferences in cooperation with the conference department of Linköping University.




Akademiy Forum was started by professor Jan Marcusson, Linköping University.


If you work in a university or have a a unique academic competence and want to arrange a seminar, you are wellcome to contact Acadamy Forum for further discussions.


Contact Jan Marcusson på Jan.Marcusson@akademiforum.se, phone . 0+ 46 70 5717033.



Akademi Forum, Odengatan 48A, 2 tr ö.g., 113 51 Stockholm, Tel: 070 5717033, E-post: jan.marcusson@gmail.com, Web: www.akademiforum.se

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